About me

My name is Nomi Mcleod, I am the creator of The Gate of Horn Oracle deck, which I drew, produced and ran a successful online fundraiser for.

I have subsequently released the Folklore Oracle deck, which has characters, objects and traditions of European Folklore featured in its imagery. 

My work has appeared in places such as 'Our Lady of the Dark Country' by author Sylvia Lindsteadt, in the special edition book 'Viriditas' by Magpie Magazine and in the official Extinction Rebellion newspaper. I illustrated Flora Crufts first collection published by the Mum Poem Press and I created the front cover for Dom Bury's first poetry collection published by Bloodaxe.     

My work draws inspiration from everything that matters most to me in my exploration of this world - from animism, witchcraft and folklore, to queer theory, the paranormal and the erotic.

I live in Devon in the UK with my partner, our daughter and twin sons.